Automotive In-Cabin Wireless Power Demonstrator at CES 2019

January 08, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Ossia, Inc. announced that its joint venture with Motherson Innovations, MothersonOssia, will present an Automotive Wireless Power Demonstrator at CES 2019 January 7 through 11, 2019.

The Demonstrator, a life-sized model of the backseat of a passenger car, will showcase the freedom of Cota® Real Wireless Power™. Cota is wireless power delivered over a distance, while in motion, without the need for charging pads, cables or line of sight. MothersonOssia is leveraging the technology for use in a wide range of vehicles, including passenger, commercial and public transportation.

"This is the very first public demonstration of wireless power inside a vehicle, albeit a model one. We're very excited to show -- and discuss -- all the possibilities with the people who sit inside the Demonstrator. I imagine this experience will spark a lot of ideas for different industries" says Edward Saenz de Viteri, Director of Business Development of MothersonOssia.

The MothersonOssia Demonstrator will not only show how Cota delivers power to mobile phones within the automotive cabin, but it will also demonstrate Cota wirelessly powering areas like door-panel LED lights, illuminated cup-holders, and the rear-view mirror. The Cota Forever Sleeve, the CES 2019 Innovation Award-winning phone sleeve from Ossia, will also be on display within the Demonstrator.

"The wireless power will be delivered via two Cota transmitters located underneath the center console and in the back seat wall, respectively. CES attendees can experience first-hand how the wireless technology works through transparent viewing areas" explains Martin Feuerstein, CTO of MothersonOssia.

"The MothersonOssia Demonstrator is designed to feature just a few of the possibilities of wireless power for vehicles," says Marc Rosenmayr, interim CEO of MothersonOssia. "We hope that bringing it to life like this will provide ideas and provoke a creative thought process about what is possible in different industries."

Motherson Innovations Company Limited (MI), a subsidiary of Samvardhana Motherson Automotives Systems Group, holds a majority stake in MothersonOssia. Motherson Innovations Company Limited (MI) will also invested $14 million for a 4.5% stake in Ossia Inc.

MothersonOssia focuses on the global integration of Cota real wireless power technology into some of the world's most popular mobility transportation segments, including passenger, commercial, and public transportation vehicles and rolling stock. The main function of MothersonOssia's Cota real wireless power module is to deliver power over distance to devices inside and outside the cabin of the vehicle, wirelessly without the need for cables, batteries, or charging pads.