Atom Power Tackles Electric Vehicle Charging and Residential Markets

July 31, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Atom Power moves into the electric vehicle charging market and residential market with its digital circuit breaker technology.

Atom Power, Inc. is a developer and producer of digital and programmable circuit breakers. The company aims to provide efficient and safe power distribution and management for commercial and industrial use. Recently, Atom Power announced its advancement into two new markets: electric vehicle charging, and residential energy automation.

Atom Power’s EV charging solution incorporates power distribution panel-based EV breakers. Image used courtesy of Atom Power

Atom Power’s Digital Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers can be defined as mechanical switching devices that can function automatically to turn off or disrupt the electrical flow of energy to a given distribution area (such as a house or a particular area within a house). They serve to protect circuits from becoming overloaded and can prevent them from shorting and even from sparking and potentially starting a fire. Circuit breakers have remained mechanical devices for quite some time (around 140 years) and have been in need of an upgrade to meet the demands of a society that is becoming increasingly more digital and electrified.

Atom Power wished to revamp circuit breaker technology and the result of its efforts was the world’s first Underwriters Laboratory (UL)-certified solid-state digital circuit breaker. While traditional mechanical circuit breakers take a few milliseconds to throw a switch, Atom Power’s new digital circuit breaker operates 3,000 times faster. The technology has been designed for scaling up, to reduce costs through centralization of the power management system, eliminate high maintenance costs, and reduce equipment costs.

EV Charging and Residential Solutions

Atom Power plans to make its EV charging solution available from the third quarter of 2021. The solution incorporates power distribution panel-based EV breakers with a pedestal and can be used for multitenant, captive fleet, and commercial applications. The design of the charging solution ensures that high-value assets are kept within the building and low-cost EV plugs are kept in public spaces. The design also helps to improve electrical safety and provides energy management on site. To find out more about Atom Power’s EV charging solution, visit this page.

Atom Power’s residential circuit breakers will be made available to its customers in fall 2022. This solution has been designed to help provide affordable EV charging for apartments, condos, retirement communities, or public housing.

In a recent news release, the CEO and Co-Founder of Atom Power, Ryan Kennedy, commented: “Our fully digital circuit breaker can seamlessly manage the variability that comes with renewable resources and increased EV charging without disrupting our quality of life.”

Customers can use the Atom Insight App to view, monitor, and control digital circuit breakers. As well as being able to view the electrical panel on their smartphone or computer screen, users can see amps, volts, and power consumption. They can also turn devices on or off and change the physical characters of a circuit breaker as required. Circuit breakers can be customized based on need and usage for the first time.