APC Announces Co-Sponsorship of Sun TechDays Tour

March 05, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

American Power Conversion (APC, West Kingston, RI) announced that it is a co-sponsor of the upcoming Sun Microsystems Inc. TechDays worldwide tour, joining leading technology vendors in providing the Internet development community with technologies for building enterprise architecture. The two-day conference is aimed at helping developers understand the increasing complexities of power management.

“Sun TechDays provide developers access to the technology industry's leading scientists and companies," said Peter Young, vice president of market development engineering at Sun. “APC's presence at these two-day events fills an important role in assisting developers to understand the requirements for system uptime and power management essential in meeting specific availability guarantees demanded by today's enterprise applications."

The Sun TechDays tour is expected to begin hosting conferences in the US, Asia and the Middle East in January 2001.