Ansoft Releases New ePhysics Software

February 18, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Ansoft Corp. (Pittsburgh, PA) released its new ePhysics™ software that expands the capabilities of HFSS™ and Maxwell® 3D. With ePhysics, engineers can now incorporate three-dimensional, steady-state thermal, transient thermal, and linear stress analysis into existing electromagnetic-based design flows. Typical applications include the analysis of electric machines, power-generation systems, transformers, microelectromechanical systems and solenoids.

Coupling ePhysics with Maxwell 3D provides the cross-disciplinary analysis required in the design of electromechanical devices.

HFSS with ePhysics is vital for applications such as high-speed packages, antennas, monolithic microwave integrated circuits, high-power microwave devices, military and broadcast communications, and biological heating with radio frequency sources. The analyses include high-power, temperature-induced stress and size changes of design components.

The ePhysics software is available immediately for PC and UNIX platforms.