Ansoft Debuts SIMPLORER Software Models for Batteries

June 27, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Ansoft Corp. (Pittsburgh) announced the release of two software models for fuel cell and lead-acid batteries within SIMPLORER® to help engineers develop efficient vehicle electrical systems, electric and hybrid-electric traction systems, and new 42V technology for traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.

"With the increasing demand for the electrical power in today's cars, trucks and buses, the design of power-management systems in cars becomes increasingly complex and requires new design methods and sophisticated simulation models," said Ansoft Product Marketing Manager, System Simulation Uwe Knorr. "The ability to simulate the fuel cell, the crucial component in electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, or the battery performance within electrical systems of vehicles, will allow researchers to accurately determine the success of the power-management system design without the delay and cost of building a prototype."