Analog Devices Recognized in the UK for its Recent Expansion

June 28, 2020 by Shannon Cuthrell

A U.K. trade association recently honored Massachusetts-based semiconductor manufacturer Analog Devices Inc. with an award for its 2019 expansion into Hayes, London.

The recent recognition is part of the 2020 Transatlantic Growth Awards program hosted by BritishAmerican Business, an organization that supports trade and investment in U.S. and U.K. enterprises, representing more than 400 member firms. 

The award praises Analog Devices for its move to converge its two U.K. operations in Surrey and Buckinghamshire — offices staffed by previous employees of chipmaker Linear Technology, which ADI acquired for $14.8 billion in 2016. Last June, ADI opened a new headquarters to house those teams. 

In the “U.S. launch or expansion in the U.K.” category of the Transatlantic Growth Awards, ADI stands alongside a cross-industry group of American companies including Florida-based software development firm Chetu, California-based wellness services software company Mindbody and Washington-based consulting firm Slalom.  

The award coincides with Analog Device’s long-term expansion strategy outside of its home in the U.S., now including regional headquarters in Germany, Ireland, Japan, and China, as well as design, sales, and distribution offices across the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, China, Japan, and Africa. 

Mike Britchfield, Analog Devices’ European vice president of sales, said in a news release that the company’s ties between its U.S. home base and U.K. presence “continue to deepen.” 

“The opening of a new UK base in 2019, a huge investment by Analog Devices, was made in large part because it will help facilitate the movement of ideas, colleagues, products and solutions between the UK and US, as well as in the wider EMEA region,” Britchfield said. “I’m delighted that the scale of Analog Devices’ commitment to the UK has been reflected in the Transatlantic Growth Award.” 

The press release also noted ADI’s intention for the London HQ to become a destination for U.K. customers, suppliers, partners, and peers from across the Atlantic.