Analog Devices Completes Strategic Manufacturing Upgrades

December 22, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) states that it has successfully completed operational improvements to lower cost and achieve greater wafer fabrication efficiencies for its proprietary analog, mixed-signal, and MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) manufacturing process technologies. The improvements to plants in Wilmington, Massachusetts, which were completed Nov. 1, and Limerick, Ireland, finalized earlier in the year, were part of a previously announced multi-year plan to ensure ADI’s customers have access to cost-effective and flexible global manufacturing infrastructure.

The Wilmington facility, which manufactures RF, linear and other analog products, has assumed production of ADI’s MEMS products. The Limerick fab has transitioned all production to the company’s high-capacity 8-inch wafer fab. The resulting capacity expansion and operational efficiencies reinforce ADI’s ability to manufacture using high-performance analog process technologies, including proprietary MEMS, CMOS, BiCMOS, BiPolar and SiGe processes.

Analog Devices’ manufacturing strategy blends both internal and external operations, which results in a supply chain with the flexibility to accommodate market demand fluctuations while maintaining consistently short delivery times. High-performance analog innovations require not only breakthroughs in circuit design but also proprietary analog and mixed signal process technology, packaging and test. In addition, ADI leverages strategic partnerships with external foundries that provide access to deep submicron process technology and wafer production up to 300mm.

"We were able to achieve the right balance between internal and external manufacturing, which allowed ADI to maintain short, consistent lead times and strong delivery performance throughout the facility upgrade process. Many thanks go to the hard working teams in our manufacturing and planning organizations who ensured these major improvements went smoothly during a challenging year," said Robbie McAdam, Vice President of the Core Products and Technologies Group, Analog Devices. "Our accelerated schedule ensures we have the staff, equipment, and clean room capacity to help our global customers meet their upside demand without running the risk of supply chain interruptions."

With significant finished goods and die bank inventory, lead times are 4 to 8 weeks for 98% of ADI products, including through distributors.

"At Analog Devices, excellence in manufacturing and customer service is as important as excellence in product design. High-performance analog design goes hand-in-hand with innovative process technology, packaging, test, and world-class on-time delivery performance," said McAdam.