Alliance for Wireless Power Meets Growth Objective, Hosts First Plugfest

July 21, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) today reflects upon its first year of momentum in bringing the next generation of flexible wireless power technology to the global marketplace. In the past month the organization achieved two key milestones, growing to over 50 members and successfully proving product interoperability between independently developed devices. In addition, A4WP recently announced its goals for the balance of 2013.

Formed in May 2012, the A4WP is a global and independently operated consortium focused on bringing a more flexible wireless power technology to the consumer electronics and automotive marketplace. The A4WP has quickly grown to over 50 members including key companies in mobile electronics such as Broadcom, HTC, IDT, Intel, Marvell, NXP, Qualcomm, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung Electronics, Texas Instruments and TDK. A4WP membership also encompasses a diverse range of companies that reach every facet of the wireless power ecosystem including Ever Win International, Gill Industries, Mantaro Product Development Services, MET Labs, Peiker Acustic, PowerWoW, Triune Systems and Wurth Elektronik.

"The Alliance for Wireless Power is focused on building out the next generation wireless power transfer ecosystem beginning with smartphones and expanding quickly to a wide spectrum of mobile computing and portable consumer electronics," said Dr. Kamil A. Grajski, president of A4WP. "With the version 1.0 technical specification approved and version 1.1 due to be released in August, we are focused on removing barriers to adoption by the timely delivery of high quality interoperability and conformance specifications, the launch of an independent certification program, and the definition and launch of a consumer-friendly certification logo and consumer brand."

In Korea at the end of June, the A4WP took a giant step forward during the organizations first ever Plugfest—an event where A4WP members tested their products for interoperability with the wireless charging standard—hosted by member company TTA. Bringing together various members to test their A4WP wireless power solutions, the event was a resounding success by proving interoperability amongst independently developed devices.

"TTA is proud to have served as the host of the world's first interoperability testing event for the A4WP," said Dr. Jong-Ok Joo, Vice President of TTA. "Multiple companies, working independently to implement the A4WP BSS Version 1.1, brought their chargers and devices based on the A4WP specification to the Plugfest. In every combination tested, wireless power transfer was successfully demonstrated throughout each of the four testing days. This is a critical first step towards a global Certification Program."

With the formal approval of a wireless power specification, A4WP established a certification working committee whose task it is to define official processes and procedures to test and certify wireless power receivers and transmitters. This will involve the coordinated efforts of wireless power transfer manufacturers, test equipment manufacturers and independent test and certification laboratories. A4WP plans to release its product certification program in the fall.

A4WP has also established a parallel branding committee that is overseeing the development of a consumer-facing brand. This includes a formal naming convention, which A4WP plans to unveil later this year. The new branding will allow consumers to easily identify A4WP certified wireless power enabled devices and charging locations.