AES Brings Unique Storage Operating System (sOS) to Smart Grid Power Market

May 23, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

AES Energy Storage, LLC today announced its market-dynamic, technology-aware control platform for the commercial operation of energy storage. This patented operating system, called sOS™, is a fast-response architecture that applies patented performance algorithms to automate the operation of AES-delivered battery-based energy storage arrays, optimizing performance and efficiency for customers, and extending the life of the battery.

The platform includes modules designed to optimize performance in key markets and applications that react to desired performance conditions within those markets. It is on these market-specific modules that existing AES storage arrays within PJM, NYISO and ERCOT currently run, maximizing the value for customers in those markets.

“Utility customers are looking for energy storage arrays that deliver maximum performance and efficiency, and sOS™ brings that performance without locking buyers into a specific storage technology,” said Chris Shelton, President of AES Energy Storage. “The development of sOS™ leveraged the decades of experience that AES has in serving power markets around the world and our unique understanding of the energy storage market – an understanding that comes from developing, owning and operating over $100 million worth of storage assets.”

The unique modules within the platform allow AES to quickly deploy energy storage solutions that will immediately deliver value within the operating guidelines for each individual market. To date, AES has developed and is offering customized modules for the PJM, NYISO, ERCOT and Puerto Rico markets. AES is developing additional modules for key markets in the US and around the world, making these efficient energy storage resources available to customers in new markets.

The platform can accommodate any number of inverter or battery technologies through its AES-designed reference architecture for technology suppliers. The architecture enables the seamless and efficient integration of underlying battery and inverter technologies into the larger sOSâ„¢ platform. This allows for the uniform control of all AES storage arrays, independent of which suppliers are chosen for a facility.

"Building on our inverter technology at Parker, AES has been able to deliver comprehensive grid storage solutions into the power industry. Our inverter systems combined with their market-focused operational controls have allowed them to consistently deliver high levels of efficiency and flexibility to power markets," said Jim Hoelscher, General Manager, Parker Hannifin’s Global Energy Grid Tie Division.

Designed with battery life in mind, the sOSâ„¢ platform enables the system to automatically make trade-off decisions during operation, matching the system performance specifically to the market need in that instant. This function reduces ramping, improves efficiency, and enables battery longevity and increased performance while also allowing AES to right-size projects, ensuring that facilities are built to match the needs of the customer.

"We’ve architected sOS™ to respond to the needs of each of our current and prospective customers, while providing the best value. This platform is already proving its ability to deliver results for customers every day across three power markets in the US,” added Brett Galura, Vice President, Solution Development.