AeroVironment Introduces PosiCharge™ Total Power Solution (ToPS)

February 19, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

AeroVironment, Inc. (AV) announced that it has introduced a new, turnkey program for delivering the benefits of its PosiCharge™ solution to customers operating electric material handling fleets in multi-shift operations. The Total Power Solution (ToPS) includes a selection of services, such as customized charger and battery configurations, asset leasing, guaranteed service and maintenance, and asset disposal, all in a one-stop program.

"Customers have told us that they need a single point of contact that understands how to optimize the energy component of their fleet management system. This turnkey approach helps customers focus on their core business, and leave the details of their batteries and chargers to us," said Mike Bissonette, Senior Vice President and General Manager of AV’s Efficient Energy Systems segment. "Built around the strength of our broad line of industrial electric vehicle chargers, ToPS is another way that we can help our customers manage costs and resources more efficiently and with greater effect."

According to the company, PosiCharge fast charge systems allow industrial and heavy-duty electric vehicle operators to eliminate battery swapping, thereby recovering run time, enhancing productivity, optimizing assets, and improving worker safety. PosiCharge systems fast charge battery packs while they remain in the vehicles during scheduled breaks. The result is said to be instant productivity improvement, a cleaner and safer work environment, and a streamlined workflow that no longer stops for battery changing. With proprietary technology that safeguards batteries by customizing each charge, the company states that the PosiCharge systems can actually extend a battery’s useful life compared to traditional charging solutions, further optimizing operations.