AER Receives Patent, Protection for DAM

June 04, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

AER Energy Resources Inc. (Atlanta, GA), has received notification from the Japanese Patent Office regarding the March 31, 2000, issuance of a patent relating to its Diffusion Air Manager (DAM). This Japanese patent, #3051455, strengthens patent protection of the company's DAM technology in the global marketplace. AER Energy announced allowance of the claims in this patent on March 6, 2000.The unique design of the DAM system has resulted in the issuance to AER Energy of a US patent in 1997, broader US patent coverage in 1999 and a European patent in January 2000. This Japanese patent's coverage for the DAM strengthens AER Energy's licensing position.As of May 1, 2000, AER Energy had 37 U.S. patents, including 10 covering air managers and battery assemblies, 27 U.S. patents pending, 20 foreign patents and 31 foreign patent filings. AER Energy continues to actively pursue battery manufacturers and OEMs of consumer electronic products to license and commercialize its zinc-air battery technology.