Adura Systems Adopts Freescale Automotive Microcontroller Technology

May 31, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Adura Systems, Inc. announced its selection of Freescale’s FlexRay™ automotive microcontroller (MCU) technology for high-speed in-vehicle networking. Freescale’s S12XF MCU with integrated FlexRay technology is being incorporated into Adura’s Modular, Electric Scalable Architecture (MESA™) powertrain, which offers up to 100 miles of pure electric range in mass transportation buses.

"Developing 100 mile pure electric range powertrains requires very sophisticated electronics, software and a high-bandwidth communications and control layer," said Marv Bush, CEO of Adura. "Adura selected FlexRay technology because it is one of the only automotive networking systems able to handle safety-critical communications and control. Also, FlexRay provides the communications layer upon which Adura’s network, DEFT-net (Deterministic, Extensible, Fault-Tolerant Network), is built. Adura’s DEFT-net provides accurate data delivery, distributed control, fault detection and tolerance, and on-the-fly reconfiguration."

FlexRay technology is unique among vehicle communication systems in its determinism and high speed. This technology, combined with DEFT-net, allows Adura to shift traditional mechanical and electronic complexity into software which increases efficiency and lowers overall systems costs.

"Adura’s selection of Freescale’s S12XF MCU is another milestone for FlexRay technology as the communications standard is now being deployed in both conventional and ‘green’ vehicles," said Ray Cornyn, Director of Automotive microcontrollers at Freescale. "By leveraging the exceptional performance of FlexRay technology, Adura is setting compelling new standards for electric and hybrid vehicles that are designed to significantly reduce global emissions."