Active Power Announces Distribution Agreement with Caterpillar Inc.

August 08, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Active Power Inc. (Austin, TX) has announced a worldwide distribution agreement with Caterpillar Inc. (Peoria, IL) to market the Cat UPS, which represents Caterpillar's initial entry into the burgeoning power quality market. Caterpillar announced the battery-free system as the latest addition to its Electric Power product line-up. The two companies signed an agreement in 1999 to develop and market a fully integrated flywheel UPS system designed and manufactured to Caterpillar specifications and based on Active Power's flywheel research and development. "The introduction of the Cat UPS further validates our flywheel technology, opens our flywheel-based products up to a huge global market and will make our firm a recognized player in the $5.0 billion (annual) UPS industry," emphasized Joe Pinkerton, founder and CEO of Active Power. "The growing need for higher reliability in electric power is a major issue at Internet data and telecommunications centers, broadcasting facilities, critical manufacturing plants, research and development, and medical campuses."