ABB Presents Digital Power Electronics Solutions at Hannover Fair 2019

April 02, 2019 by Scott McMahan

At Hannover Fair 2019, ABB is presenting several ABB Ability™-based solutions for power generation, transmission, power quality, and storage.

ABB Ability generator circuit-breaker (GCB) is digitally enabled to aggregate, analyze, and manage health data collected through GMS600, the smart monitoring system to increase power plant availability. (See Ability GCB above). It is capable of real-time, remote monitoring of gas levels, temperature, and erosion.

With the collection of smart data, asset performance can be optimized. The monitoring of equipment conditions helps predict the appropriate maintenance. The GCB is digitally integrated to provide on-premise as well as cloud connection, including ABB Ability™ Asset Health for GCB.

ABB Ability wireless monitor for surge arresters is a multi-functional device that can be installed on medium- and high-voltage surge arresters. Besides monitoring environmental conditions such as humidity and ambient temperature, it also detects leakage currents and surges. This real-time information allows prompt analysis of grid conditions and enables condition monitoring and predictive maintenance that can ultimately reduce electrical network downtime.

ABB Ability power quality and energy storage solutions mitigate a range of power quality issues in electrical networks, thereby facilitating a faster and more accurate improvement of grid stability, power quality, and energy efficiency.

ABB says its products employ active power electronics technology that enables variable, fast, smooth and accurate compensation for power quality problems, including varying power factor, multiple orders of harmonics, and unbalanced loading.

At the Hanover Fair the company will showcase five solutions.

  • PQflexC, a variable reactive power controller
  • PQdynaC, an ultra-fast reactive power and unbalance controller
  • PQactiF, an active harmonic filter
  • PQstorI, a battery storage inverter with power quality functions
  • PQoptiM, which controls and monitors power quality parameters

The company says that it products are more compact in size, making them suitable for applications where space is limited or costly.

ABB offers a wide variety of high-voltage products up to 1,200kV, helping enhance the safety, reliability, and efficiency of power networks while minimizing environmental impact.