ABB Announces A1000 ALPHA Meter Software

October 02, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

ABB Inc. (Raleigh, NC) announced

the A1000 ALPHA Meter Software, Release 1.0, with enhanced functionality, configuration and communications capabilities for the A1000 ALPHA meter.

The new meter software is a GUI-based tool that gives full meter configuration control to the utility and allows the utility and customers to read meter data from A1000 ALPHA meters and all IEC 61107-compliant meters in lab or field environments. The software's Windows-based application allows users to

read meter registers, monitor meter configurations, reset maximum demand, set and

change meter passwords and configure utility data, rates (or tariffs), and display settings. In addition, users can set or change

testing parameters during service voltage or current tests.

"This software for the A1000 ALPHA meter helps bridge the gap between high-end electronic and electromechanical meters by offering new applications for utilities and light commercial and industrial customers," commented Peter Heuell, business development

manager for IEC meters.

The A1000 ALPHA Meter Software 1.0 is now available.