7 Things Murata wanted to Show You at APEC 2020

March 31, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Murata has announced the seven products the company had expected to highlight in its boot at the cancelled 2020 IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC 2020). These products range from charge pump modules to quad-output dc-dc converters and high-power, high-frequency transformers for electric vehicle charging systems. The first product in the list is an ultra-small 97% efficiency 48V-to-12V 72W charge-pump module:

The MYC0400 is an ultra-high efficiency 48V-to-12V front-end dc-dc converter solution that divides down an input voltage by four and delivers up to 72W output at 97.1% peak efficiency. The module can be connected in parallel to support high power loads within an extremely small footprint and low profile.  Using advanced 3D packaging technology, the product is offered in a 10.5mm x 8.65mm with a height of 2.1mm LGA package and includes all converter capacitors and an inductor.


With an input voltage range of 20V to 60V, the module features a fixed ‘open-loop’ divide-by-four transformation, and features input under-voltage, output short circuit detection and thermal shutdown fault protection. Typical applications include servers, micro-servers, accelerator boards, telecoms and data center systems.

  1. Smallest 6A fully integrated buck

Murata introduces the world’s lowest-profile, most efficient, fully integrated 6A buck regulator. The module’s footprint is 30 percent smaller than the nearest competitive solution and has a 25 percent lower profile without sacrificing efficiency.

The MYTNA1R86RELA2RA dc-dc converter is designed for 2-cell, 3-cell and 12V point-of-load applications where high efficiency, a low profile and small solution size are critical. The buck regulator features an input voltage range of 6.0V to 14.4V and a programmable output of 0.7V to 1.8V at up to 6 amps. The buck regulator’s peak efficiency exceeds 90 percent for 12V input to 1.8V output.


With dimensions of 9mm x 10.5mm x 2.1mm (L × W × H), the module integrates all passive components, including bulk output capacitance, to meet exacting transient load requirements. As such, fewer additional external components are required for most applications. Typical applications include space critical high performance notebook computers, servers, micro-servers, 5G cellular base-stations, and data center equipment including PCIE format accelerator cards etc.

  1. Tiny quad-output programmable dc-dc module

Murata announces the MYW series from the MonoBK™ dc-dc converter family. The new point-of-load (POL) modules offer a 50-percent smaller footprint than competing solutions and set new standards in size, efficiency and performance. The highly integrated, multi-output dc-dc converters leverage Murata’s core technology advantages in power module development, advanced 3D integrated packaging and passive component expertise.


The MonoBK MYW series are 4-channel dc-dc converters that integrate all passive components, including inductors, into a form factor of 9.3mm x 9.0mm x 2.9mm (L × W × H). The products feature an input voltage range of 2.8V to 5.5V and programmable outputs of 0.4V to 3.58V up to 3.0 amps. Most applications will require few external components.  Typical applications include powering FPGAs, space critical servers, micro-servers, and data center equipment including PCIE format accelerator cards.

  1. Ultra small dc-dc module

MYR series are the PicoBK™ dc-dc converter family that integrate a coil and a control IC. The smallest form factor measures only 2.5mm x 2.0mm x 1.0mm. MYR series are all significantly smaller than discrete solutions. In most cases, these modules occupy less than half the footprint of the same solution implemented with discrete components.

Also, they achieve high efficiency, low noise and high heat dissipation. These modules are designed to be used with a 2.5V to 5.5V source such as a Li-ion battery. The input voltage of the MYRGC series is up to 36Vdc and can be used for battery applications to industrial applications. Typical efficiency of MYRGP at 5.0Vin / 3.3Vout is 93%. The control method can be selected fixed, PWM or PFM/PWM auto switch.

MYR series

  1. 99.5% efficiency high-power, high-frequency transformer for fast charging

Murata has developed a unique patented transformer winding technology that mitigates high frequency losses and enables the construction of very high power, high frequency transformers. Wide power range options are available from 30kW to 200kW and above, with up to 10kV isolation (higher with bespoke solutions). Efficiency is measured at 99.5% and over, covering a wide operating frequency range of 20-250kHz.

The technology reduces high frequency conductor losses to approximately 20% of the losses found in conventional Litz wire constructions, with an approximate 25ºC (77ºF) reduction in the hot spot temperature in a 50kW sized design with a commensurate 0.25% to 0.5% improvement in efficiency. All of this is achieved in a smaller and lighter assembly due to better utilization of the winding window.

Typical applications include eV/HeV charging, train-borne and trackside railway energy systems, energy distribution/harvesting (e.g. SMART grid, solar farms) and industrial inverters.

  1. Ultra low capacitance dc-dc converters for gate drive power for industrial and alternative energy applications

Murata offers a range of isolated dc-dc converters for gate drive power with output voltage combinations available that support IGBT, SiC, Si and GaN in high reliability applications, including industrial, motor control, medical & automotive. All series have low isolation capacitance, qualified DC link voltages, characterized partial discharge performance and dv/dt immunity. The NXE, NXJ & MGJ1 are highly suited to fast switching GaN due to their ultra-low isolation capacitance of 3pF.


  1. 650W ac-dc power supplies for medical and industrial applications


Murata announces the PQU650 series of open-frame, 650 W-rated ac-dc power supplies by Murata Power Solutions. The PQU650 series offers the highest power-density product on the market, with forced-air and convection-cooled ambient ratings. The power supplies offer a multitude of standard features including wide output voltage adjustment range, auxiliary power rails and a high transient capability, at a competitive price.