600A / 500V GaN Half Bridge Development Platform

May 09, 2019 by Paul Shepard

VisIC Technologies during this week's PCIM Europe demonstrated its 6 x V22N65A half bridge paralleling development platform. 600 Ampere peak current at 500V bus voltage could be achieved with this board. The board is designed for optimal current sharing with inductance compensation between the 6 parallel devices.

This platform is an ideal tool to start a high current, high power inverter drive train design used in electric vehicles, high power off-board chargers, large UPS systems, solar farms and industrial motor drives.

The development platform provides a great tool to test VisIC devices in a paralleling configuration for high power systems with high power density. It makes it possible for designers to speed up the design of a parallel system using the parallel development board as reference.

VisIC Direct-Drive D-Mode GaN technology (D3GaN technology), reliable and commercially available, simplifies the design by using standard off-the-shelf drivers.

The high +5V threshold voltage of the D3 GaN products enhances device immunity to high noise conditions, leading to a much more reliable, simpler and manufacturable power system design. According to the company this is the first time that such a powerful GaN development platform is available on the market.

The development platform uses twelve 22mOhm, 650V GaN transistors, V22N65A, in a half bridge paralleled configuration. It supports the flexibility to use between 2 to 6 devices in parallel for different current and power targets.

Furthermore, the frequency can be adjusted up to 100kHz. Compared to SiC, MOSFET or IGBT transistors, this represents an improvement of up to 50% in power losses. The reduced thermal resistance leads to significant simplifications of the cooling design and system cost savings in any high-power application.

"We are excited to announce this high current paralleling development platform to help our customers accelerate the design cycle for a new set of high-power applications using VisIC's GaN technology.", says Ran Soffer, VisIC's SVP Sales & Marketing. "Our V22 device with VisIC's D3GaN technology is the most reliable and simple to use and integrate in high power systems for automotive and other market segments. This platform proves the benefits and improvements VisIC's GaN technology can bring to xEV drive trains, supercharger stations and high-power industrial applications."