50 Most-Read Power Electronics Stories of 2012: 40 to 31

December 27, 2012 by Power Pulse1595211359

The following is a listing (with links for the full story) of the most read stories on PowerPulse.Net for 2012, thus providing a window into the "pulse" of the trends and interests in the Power Electronics Industry. This is the second article in the series, which will continue tomorrow.

40: Semtech 20MHz Buck Regulator Lets Designers Draw Their Own PC Board Inductors

Semtech Corp. launched the first device in its innovative platform of high-frequency switchers. According to the company, the SC220 is the industry's first buck regulator that enables designers to draw their own inductors directly on the PC board (PCB). This device offers an ultra-fast, 20MHz switching frequency that, when used with Semtech's patented X-EMI™ inductor technology, for the first time allows PCB trace inductors to meet or exceed the EMI performance of chip inductors.

Additionally, X-EMI technology eliminates the substantial cost and logistics issues associated with sourcing, qualifying and stocking discrete inductors. Achieving very low EMI with PCB trace inductors makes the SC220 an ideal solution for set top box, HDTV, automotive, industrial, and white goods power management applications.

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39: TDK-Lambda Announces 2nd Gen DOSA SMT 3A to 20A PoL Converters

TDK-Lambda Americas has announced their new family of non-isolated SMT dc-dc converters that comply with the latest 2nd Generation DOSA standards for Point-of-Load (PoL) converters. TDK-Lambda's DOSA-2 product line is comprised of four series with output current/power ratings as follows, iCF: 3A/16.5W, iCG: 6A/33W, iBF: 12A/66W and the iAF: 20A/110W. All of these operate with a wide input voltage range of 4.5V to 14V and feature adjustable output voltages from 0.7V to 5.5V with conversion efficiencies up to 97%. These miniature 2nd Generation DOSA modules range in size from 12.2 x 12.2 x 4.45 mm (less than 0.5 square inch) to 33 x 13.46 x 7.75 mm. Optional LGA (Land Grid Array) SMT solder pads are available instead of the standard EPC pads.

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38: Wireless Power Consortium Extends Qi Standard to Include Longer Range Magnetic Resonance Wireless Charging

The Wireless Power Consortium announced that the Qi open wireless charging standard is capable of providing full support and compatibility for longer-distance magnetic resonance technologies.

Twelve new transmitter designs are approved in the specification, including those offering more freedom in device placement, magnetic and non-magnetic device alignment, and differing power options, such as USB. Many other designs are under review, with plans for additional spatial freedom and distances, increased power levels and more options to charge multiple devices at one time.

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37: TI Introduces First 100V Synchronous Buck Regulator with Integrated MOSFETs

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) announced an expansion of its high-voltage point-of-load product line by introducing what it says is the industry's first 100V synchronous buck regulator with integrated MOSFETs. The 600mA LM5017 is the first in a new family of step-down switching regulators that reduce PCB area and system cost while improving high-voltage reliability in telecommunication, industrial, smart grid and automotive systems. Used in conjunction with the award-winning WEBENCH® online design tool, the LM5017 simplifies high-voltage dc-dc conversion and speeds the design process.

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36: Schaefer Announces Compact, Rugged 750W DC-AC Inverter for Rail and Industrial Applications

Schaefer, Inc. announced the PRP-750 Series of highly efficient, pure sine wave inverters that provide up to 750VA of power in a chassis mount package. The PRP-750 Series has versions that meet industrial (EN60950) or rail (EN50155) standards. Standard input voltages of 12, 24, 48, 72, and 110Vdc are inverted to adjustable 120 or 230Vac outputs that are regulated to 4% or better. Units can be configured for three-phase synchronized output.

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35: Hertz First to Trial Wireless EV Recharging

The Hertz Corporation and Hertz Global EV are implementing the first wireless charging system for electric vehicles (EVs) in the car rental industry. Hertz has the most diverse fleet of EVs for both rental and carshare.

"Hertz is committed to its Global EV program, introducing electric vehicles into our rental fleet on three continents — North America, Asia and Europe," commented Mark P. Frissora, Hertz Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "We're excited to participate in Plugless Power's pilot program so that we can be on the ground floor of this new technology; learning key findings about EV wireless charging. As we move forward our goal is to have a variety of charging options for EV customer use, aligned with the charging equipment installed by EV manufacturers."

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34: Renesas Announces Low-Loss Silicon Carbide Power Device Series Integrating Power Conversion Circuit in Single Package

Renesas Electronics Corp. announced the availability of three silicon carbide (SiC) compound power devices, the RJQ6020DPM, the RJQ6021DPM and the RJQ6022DPM, that incorporate multiple SiC diodes and multiple power transistors in a single package to compose a power converter circuit or switching circuit. These are the second series of power semiconductor products from Renesas to employ SiC, a new material effective in reducing loss, and they are intended for use in home appliances such as air conditioners, PC servers, and power electronics products such as solar power generation systems.

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33: Legrand Group to Acquire Numeric Power Systems UPS Business

Electrical equipment majors, Numeric Power Systems Ltd. and Legrand Group announced that both the parties have signed definitive agreements whereby Legrand Group will acquire the UPS division of Numeric Power Systems Ltd. The association which is subject to customary statutory and regulatory approvals has already been recommended unanimously by the Board of Directors of Numeric Power Systems Ltd.

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32: Linear Tech 15W I2C Power Manager Charges LiFePO4 Cells at 3.5A

Linear Technology Corp. introduced the LTC4156, a high power, I²C controlled, high efficiency PowerPath™ manager, ideal diode controller and Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery charger for single-cell devices such as portable medical and industrial devices, backup devices and other high power density battery-powered applications. The IC is designed to efficiently transfer up to 15W from a variety of sources while minimizing power dissipation and easing thermal constraints. The LTC4156's switching PowerPath topology seamlessly manages power distribution from two input sources such as a wall adapter and USB port to the device's rechargeable LiFePO4 battery while preferentially providing power to the system load when input power is limited.

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31: Cirrus Logic Enters LED Lighting Market with Digital Controller Delivering Near 100% TRIAC Dimmer Compatibility

Cirrus Logic Inc. is entering the emerging high-growth LED lighting market with a digital LED controller that directly solves dimmer compatibility issues that have been a major barrier to consumer adoption of LED retrofit bulbs. Featuring Cirrus Logic's new digital TruDim™ technology, the CS161X controller family has been tested to provide near 100 percent compatibility with a wide array of dimmers representing the vast majority of the installed base worldwide. The CS161X is already in high volume production with a tier-1 lighting company. Cirrus Logic expects to ship between 5-10 million LED controllers to multiple customers during calendar year 2012.

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