2010 nanoPower Forum Call for Papers Issued

January 11, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

An Announcement and Call for Papers has been issued for the fourth-annual international nanoPower Forum (nPF ’10) to be held May 24-26th at the Doubletree Hotel, Santa Ana/Orange County Airport, California. This focused three-day international conference will serve an audience of decision makers who are interested in learning about and contributing to the latest practical advancements related to the emerging area of "ultra-low power" (ULP) systems.

"Darnell Group has been following the energy harvesting market for more years than other analyst firms. In 2006, we recognized the potential of this technology to both capitalize on, and transform, the small but growing wireless sensor market and organized the first nanoPower Forum in 2007. Our fourth-annual nanoPower Forum will provide an international forum for discussing the latest developments and future trends in this dynamic area," stated Linnea Brush, Senior Analyst with Darnell Group. "This detailed commercial analysis clearly identifies the emergence of thirdgeneration products and the significant value propositions and cost savings enabled by these new devices. Those factors are transforming the market and driving it rapidly into the Growth phase of its development. This transition will provide companies with significant sales and ’branding’ opportunities."

The fourth-annual nanoPower Forum will be the premiere event for the wireless networking and portable electronics industry in 2010. ULP devices are being deployed for wireless applications such as mesh networks, wireless sensor and control systems, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), radio frequency identification (RFID) devices, and so on. Delegates will have a chance to meet and talk with executives and engineers from ULP wireless system companies, MEMS engineers, advanced battery technology executives and engineers, energy harvesting technology specialists, power management and power conversion design professionals, applications engineers, commodity managers, and industry/financial analysts.

Mesh networks, wireless sensor and control systems, industrial/building automation and a variety of medical, military and other applications depend on the latest advances in ultra-low power electronics and MEMs technologies. nPF ’10 will bring together component suppliers and system designers and will address the latest advances in this rapidly emerging field. Regardless of the energy harvesting technology (piezoelectric, photovoltaic, thermo-electric, etc.) or the energy storage technology (battery or fuel cell, primary or secondary), the critical aspect of designing an ultra-low power wireless device is the complete power management solution and efficient energy utilization.

Submissions are being sought in two areas:

1) Technology Topics may include: energy harvesting technologies, thin-film batteries, long-life primary batteries, energy storage, ultra-capacitors, advanced power conversion, micro fuel cells, optimizing system energy efficiencies, among others.

2) Case Study Examples may include: mesh networks, wireless sensor and control systems, industrial/building automation, system integration issues, RF powering considerations, system architectures, etc.

The Advisory Committee for nPF ’10 includes representatives from Analog Devices, Auto Global Business Network (Italy), Cymbet, Ferro Solutions, Fraunhofer Institute, Georgia Institute of Technology, Green Peak, IMEC, Infinite Power Solutions, Intel, Lightning Switch, Microchip, Nanotron Technologies, Powercast, Texas Instruments, Tyndall Institute, University of California, Berkeley – Berkeley Wireless Research Center, and the ZigBee Alliance.

Darnell Group is the leading source for worldwide strategic information covering the full spectrum of power electronics, energy storage and generation. The company specializes in the economic/business analysis of emerging power markets and technologies. The nPF ’10 web site is here .