0.18µm Process with 9 mOhm-mm2 Rdson at 30V

November 16, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

TowerJazz today announced a new 0.18um power management process with an industry best-in-class on-resistance (Rdson) of 9 mohm-mm2 for a 30V device. Low on-resistance helps power ICs achieve higher efficiency, lower power consumption, lower temperature rise and smaller form factor. This platform targets more than 40% of today's power market, including computer, wireless, industrial, and automotive applications.

Applications benefiting from this new device are mostly high power charging and power hungry applications, like processor applications demanding fast power delivery. In addition, mobile and portable applications with a high demand for PCB (printed circuit board) real estate reduction will benefit greatly. Reducing the size of a power stage enables use of smaller or alternative packaging and thus optimization of the system architectures sensitive to the small form factors.

"Our present platforms' capability allowed us to enter the market and gain strong partners with a 2015 revenue level of about $50 million and strong double digit growth demand for 2016. This new technology will provide our customers additional ability to optimize cost (chip size) and performance (power consumption and temperature rise) to create an advantage over their competitors in their specific application sector(s). Hence, it will allow us to grow together, gaining additional share with platforms that can now compete effectively with IDMs in the large, and IDM dominated, $15 billion power management IC market," said Dr. Marco Racanelli, Sr. Vice President and General Manager of the Power Business Unit, TowerJazz.