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Zonit Introduces 240V Version of Micro Automatic Transfer Switch for Data Centers & Network/Telecom Closets

August 18, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

Zonit Structured Solutions, a provider of power management and rack management products for data centers and telecom-network closets, introduced a new member of the Zonit Micro Automatic Transfer Switch product family: the Zonit Micro ATS-HV (HV = "high voltage). The Zonit Micro ATS-HV is a 208-240V, ultra-small-form-factor (zero "U") automatic power transfer switch designed for use in data centers and network/telecom closets.

The first Zonit µATS™-LV (low-voltage model) was introduced in late 2010, and is a 12A, 120V version. The new high-voltage version is available for $419.00 in single-purchase; $398.05 per unit for the respective $3,980.50 for a 10-pack; and $9,951.25 for a 25-pack. It will be available for shipment in September 2011.

In addition, Zonit Structured Solutions is offering special "early adopter" pricing. The first 1,000 Zonit Micro Automatic Transfer Switch-HV models purchased by Sept. 30, 2011 will be priced at a special "early adopter" price of $369.00 for a single unit; $361.62/unit, or $3,616.20 for a 10-pack; and $350.55/unit, or$8,763.75, for 25-packs.

The Zonit µATS-HV plugs directly into the back of single-power-supply devices (such as servers, routers, and switches). It features two power cords and intelligent circuitry that monitors the power quality of the main power source. If the main "A-source" power quality becomes unacceptable, the Zonit µATS-HV automatically switches over and draws power from the "B-source," thus keeping the device to which it’s connected up and running.

"Power transmission is more efficient at higher voltages, and more and more new and refurbished data centers are running 208-240-volt power instead of 120V," explained Zonit Chairman & Founder Bill Pachoud. "We have the 120V solution with the currently available µATS-LV. The introduction of the µATS-HV 208-240V version of the Zonit Micro Automatic Transfer means that data centers running 208-240V power will be able to get redundant power for single-power-supply devices as well as handle hot moves of equipment more quickly and easily. In addition, data center managers & network-telecom closet managers can gain this functionality with a device the size of a cell phone which provides redundant power but takes no rack space," said Pachoud.

"The low voltage model of the Zonit µATS was breakthrough technology in automatic transfer switches, and the new Zonit µATS-HV model offers another level of redundant power in a much-needed high-voltage model," said Zonit Vice President of Sales Ric Lukasiewicz.