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Wireless Power with Authentication and Bi-Directional Data Transfer

November 02, 2017 by Paul Shepard

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT®) today announced a 15W wireless power chipset featuring a bi-directional communication channel between the transmitter and receiver. The communication channel enables customers to authenticate a wirelessly-charged receiver device with a specific charging transmitter base and to transfer data without any additional hardware.

IDT says that this is the industry's first widely available 15W solution offering proprietary pairing of transmit and receive solutions for myriad wireless power applications.

The IDT® P9242-R3 and P9221-R3 are 15W wireless power transmitter and receiver ICs, respectively, that are included on the transmitter and receiver boards in the WP15WBD-RK Evaluation Kit.

P9242-R3 transmitter board (click on image to enlarge)

In-band, bi-directional communication is achieved by communicating signals between the wireless power coils using IDT's embedded microprocessor technology combined with proprietary algorithms - no additional coils, antennas, or components are required.

P9221-R3 receiver board (click on image to enlarge)

"IDT continues to lead the wireless power semiconductor market with the addition of value-added features that allow customers to add more intelligence and differentiate their wireless power systems," said Laurence McGarry, Product Marketing Director of the Wireless Power Division at IDT.

Laurence McGarry

"Charging base authentication has become an important requirement for many of our customers who need control over their end-to-end charging system. Our solution makes this easy to accomplish and offers additional capabilities for improving user experience or transferring data without the need for additional hardware," McGarry observed.

The bi-directional evaluation kit adds bi-directional communication to IDT's standard, WPC 1.2-compliant, 15W transmitter P9242-R3 and receiver P9221-R3 evaluation kits without compromising any existing features. The solution delivers industry-leading power conversion efficiency of over 87% from transmitter input to receiver output.

System block diagram (click on image to enlarge)

The WP15WBD-RK wireless power evaluation kit includes easy-to-use reference boards and comprehensive design support collateral - easing system integration and enabling immediate prototyping.