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Wireless Charging Solutions Attach to Furniture

April 08, 2019 by Scott McMahan

MiLi,  a brand and business of Shenzhen Hali-Power Industrial Co., Ltd., intends to redefine the standard wireless charging solutions with the introduction of the company's Furniture Mate and Table Mate products. The Furniture Mate is a wireless charging module that uses electromagnetic induction technology and an attachable charging pad. The company also introduced the Table Mate, a wireless power transmitter that transmits power through a non-metallic surface. (See image above of charging smartphone).

The company claims that it's an induction-charging module, can deliver a unique and convenient fast charging experience (up to 10W) from furniture. The multi-platform MiLi design integrates the company's built-in wireless charging functionality to an array of different types of décor with any customization.

In addition to wireless charging, the Furniture Mate is also equipped with wired charging capabilities and offers a standard USB interface to meet the needs of numerous different mobile and handheld devices.

Furniture Mate charging pad

MiLi unveiled the Table Mate as well. Table Mate is a wireless charging transmitter that mounts beneath most any non-metallic furniture surface using reusable adhesive material. 

MiLi Table Mate attaches to non-metallic surface with reusable adhesive.In this way, a standard wooden table can become a charging station for your smart devices. The company claims that Table Mate does not require any additional modifications to the furniture to which it is applied. According to MiLi , the unique module does not permanently attach to the table and can be moved and reapplied as needed.

With the aid of magnetic resonance technology, MiLI's Table Mate can wirelessly charge a phone with up to 5W of power within a range of 35mm. MiLi Table Mate also offers Qi wireless charging that is compatible with all wireless charging standards for over 100+ Qi-compatible smartphones.