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Wallbox’s New Hypernova Charging Station Can Charge an Electric Vehicle in Under 15 Minutes

October 05, 2021 by Alessandro Mascellino

Electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions provider Wallbox has recently unveiled a new public charging station at the IAA MOBILITY 2021 event in Munich.

Dubbed Hypernova, the ultrafast public charger can reportedly adapt its output based on the number of EVs connected, as well as charging an EV full in under 15 minutes.

Hypernova will be Wallbox's portfolio of public chargers, which up until now only included Supernova, a charger scheduled to begin production before the end of the year.

A computer-rendered image of the Hypernova charging station. Image used courtesy of Wallbox.


Developing state-of-the-art EV charging solutions

Founded in 2015 by Eduard Castañeda Mañé and Enric Asunción, Wallbox is a smart charging company, focusing on facilitating the transition to renewable energy by creating innovative EV charging solutions.

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Wallbox has in the past six years been growing steadily, and now has additional offices in Spain, as well in China and the US.

From the moment it was established, Wallbox’s goal has been to “make the EV charging experience as simple as using a smartphone,” the firm’s website reads.

To this end, Wallbox specializes in the creation of smart charging technologies that enable communication between the car, the charging operators, and utility companies.

The firm currently employs more than 500 people across its offices worldwide and has reportedly connected over 150,000 public charging stations since its inception in 2015.


The Hypernova Public Charger

According to Asunción, the new Hypernova public charger constitutes the first step the EV industry truly needs in order to move faster towards a renewable future.

“These advanced, ultra-fast but also reliable chargers will help address a huge pain point for the industry and are the first step towards the infrastructure needed to build the electric corridors required for countries to make the full transition towards electric vehicles,” he said, commenting on the news.

In terms of output power, the device can deliver up to 350 kiloWatts (kW), thus potentially charging an EV in under 15 minutes.

Thanks to its advanced software, the charger can also optimize available power and adapt output to the number of EVs connected.


Technical Specifications

From a technical standpoint, Hypernova features state-of-the-art liquid cooling and Combined Charging System (CCS) connectors.

The CCS standard allows the charger to use Combo 1 and Combo 2 connectors to provide a substantial amount of power.

For context, Combo 1 and Combo 2 connectors are extensions of the IEC 62196 Type 1 and Type 2 connectors, but the components introduce two additional direct currents (DC) contacts to allow high-power DC fast charging.

In addition, the Hypernova system features an integrated cable management system designed to store cables inside the dispenser unit, maximize durability and help to protect and keep the installation clean.

The charger also accepts several authentications and payment options, including RFID, screen QR Code, and credit cards.

"Our focus in building this suite of public charging solutions has been to help charge point operators increase their revenue while reducing maintenance costs and providing future-proof solutions," Castañeda said.

"This, combined with the customer focus we put into all our charging solutions ensures that our public chargers serve both our partners and the EV drivers who will use them day to day," he concluded.

Hypernova is scheduled for commercial deployment in early 2023.