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Vishay Intertechnology Announces New Si3420DC, Si2320DS and Si3422DV Little Foot MOSFETs

January 23, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Vishay Intertechnology Inc. (Malvern, PA) recently announced that it is sampling two new record-breaking 200V MOSFETs in the Little Foot TSOP-6 and SOT-23 packages, the Si3420DC (TSOP-6), and Si2320DS (SOT-23).

According to Vishay, the new devices are optimized for dc/dc power-conversion applications in ISDN terminals, commercial phone sets, line cards and other low-power communication devices. On-resistance for the TSOP-6 device is 3.7 ohms at a 10V gate drive with a typical gate charge of 2.2nC. Comparable specifications for the SOT-23 device are 7 ohms on-resistance and 1.1nC.

The TSOP-6 Si3420DV is designed to handle up to 0.5A, while the Si2320DS handles up to 0.28A. "Switching losses are as significant as conduction losses in -48V telecom power-conversion applications, so we've optimized these new devices accordingly, with a low gate charge level," said Tony Grizelj, market development manager at Vishay Intertechnology. "As such, they will work with maximum efficiency in end products such as ISDN terminals and other applications for the communications infrastructure, where the input current to a dc-to-dc converter is around 100mA."

Vishay also recently introduced a second 200V device in the TSOP-6 for highly cost-sensitive designs. The Si3422DV features a on-resistance of 5 ohms and a typical gate charge of 2.1nC. Sample and production quantities of all three 200V devices are available now, with lead times of 10 weeks for larger orders. In quantities of 100,000, pricing for the Si3420DV is $0.31 each, $0.29 each for the Si3422DV and $0.26 for the Si2320DS.