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Vicor Introduces the DCM3717, a 750W Regulated 48V-to-12V Converter with 97% Peak Efficiency

May 21, 2020 by Vicor

Vicor introduces the new DCM3717, a converter operating from a 40 to 60V SELV input, non-isolated and provides a regulated output with a range of 10 to 13.5V.

The new DCM3717 enables customers in data centers, automotive and industrial markets to quickly deploy high-performance 48V power delivery for legacy 12V loads while achieving significant power-system size, weight, and efficiency benefits.


Image courtesy of Vicor. 


The DCM3717 operates from a 40 – 60V SELV input is non-isolated and provides a regulated output with a range of 10.0 – 13.5V, a continuous power rating of 750W and a peak efficiency of 97% in a 37 x 17 x 7.4mm Surface-Mount Converter housed in Package (SM-ChiP).

The DCM3717 supports the LV148 specification (48V automotive standard) for pure electric and hybrid vehicles and the recent Open Compute Project (OCP) Open Rack Standard V2.2 for distributed 48V server backplane architectures, providing a regulated 48V-to-12V option for downstream legacy 12V multiphase point-of-load converters.

Applications not requiring regulation of the 12V supply can take advantage of the Vicor NBM2317, an 800W, 48V-to-12V fixed-ratio converter which is available in a smaller 23 x 17 x 7.4mm SM-ChiP with 69% higher power density and higher efficiency at 97.9%.


About Vicor

Vicor is a leading, global power module technology company, focused on providing power system designers with advanced, high-performance modular solutions for their toughest power design challenges. We continuously advance the density, efficiency and power delivery capabilities of our power modules by staying on the forefront of distribution architectures, conversion topologies and packaging technology. We enable a competitive advantage for our customers in infrastructure, industrial and automotive applications to rapidly advance their unique power system designs.