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Vented PbA Batteries for Utilities and Renewables

November 21, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

EnerSys has expanded its line of backup power solutions for the utility and renewable energy industries with PowerSafe® OGi vented lead-acid (PbA) batteries. The multi-cell design reduces the rack footprint and is suited for tight space requirements. PowerSafe® OGi batteries provide space savings and reliable service life in standby float applications.

“Space is often at a premium in battery rooms – especially in older facilities as power demands exceed existing space,” explains George Brendahl, marketing manager of nuclear and utility at EnerSys. “PowerSafe® OGi batteries have a smaller footprint than traditional vented lead acid batteries, requiring less rack space and delivering more power per square inch.”

Its low-antimony alloy plates provide improved cycling performance over traditional lead-calcium batteries and extend watering intervals approaching the levels of typical calcium cells.

PowerSafe® OGi batteries feature extended posts for easier measurement access required for NERC PRC-005 compliance. The high integrity, robust terminal design maximizes operational safety and allows for fast and easy voltage and ohmic measurement readings. High impact, clear plastic containers facilitate visual internal inspection.

PowerSafe® OGi batteries provide backup power to the utility switchgear and renewables energy markets. PowerSafe® OGi vented lead acid batteries are available from 56 Ah to 280 Ah. They are sold in 6- and 12-volt blocs arranged in three-cell and six-cell configurations. The batteries are designed to be compliant with DIN-40737-3 and IEC 60896-11 standards.