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USP&E Joins with Leap Power to Market Green Power Generation Solutions

May 09, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

US Power & Environment (USP&E) announced the launch of a new product line called Leap Power Solutions. USP&E is a supplier of diesel, natural gas and HFO power stations to the telecom and data center markets in the US and to emerging markets of Iraq, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Sierra Leone and Mali Africa.

"The strength of USP&E’s knowledge and expertise together with Leap Power’s innovative solutions allow for the optimal combination of evolutionary, renewable and alternative energy sources with integrated solutions that eliminate unnecessary switchgear and redundant AC elements," explained Les Grafton, USP&E National Accounts Manager and manager of USP&E’s Leap Product Line. Grafton added that "these features ultimately result in significantly higher efficiency, reliability and overall lower operating costs."

Indeed, USP&E’s Hybrid On-Grid and Off-Grid solutions allow the flexibility to customers that want to maintain 24/7 revenue generation and optimal power generation capacity with maximum productivity while significantly reducing the payback period.

"Our partnership with USP&E enables us to bring a strong services partner with global coverage and over 40 years experience in installation and maintenance. USP&E also opens new markets for Leap Power’s solutions. I believe our cooperation will lead to a better turnkey solution for telecom and datacom customers" said Syed Ali, GM and VP Sales at Leap Power.

Jason Biermeier, VP and COO of USP&E Global, said "The Leap Power product line allows us to offer our clients the latest cutting-edge green power technologies that utilize dc equipment at a fraction of the price over time. It is really exciting how we can now offer products that are not only lowering the carbon footprint, but also boast two to three times the useful life."

USP&E’s initial product launch is focused on telecom, railroad and data center markets across the US and Canada. Phase two is to introduce this line of products to emerging markets of Africa, South America and Asia in 2012 through USP&E’s extensive network of registered representatives and USP&E-sponsored sales offices worldwide.