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Third Industrial Revolution Ignites Debate for LPSTIL 2020

January 14, 2020 by LED Professional Symposium + Expo

This article highlights LED Professional Symposium + Expo workshops and panel discussions that will be centred around the third industrial revolution.

The lighting industry comes together annually at LpS/TiL in Bregenz, a space where knowledge becomes part of the sharing economy and lighting is part of the future of digital Europe.

The focus for the workshops and panel discussions will be centred around the third industrial revolution and what this really means for lighting designers, technologists, manufacturers and regulators.  All parties can inspire, contribute and influence the next steps companies must make in order to satisfy end-users and harness IoT capabilities.

A new industrial revolution is characterized by three major technological advances occurring almost simultaneously; new energy sources, new communication channels and new transport options.  Renewable energy sources, the world of the Internet, IoT and self-propelled traffic on land and in the air show these developments in concrete terms. After 200 years of industrial activity, resource depletion and climate change, the lighting industry is navigating future technologies, infrastructure and investment decisions.  There is a palpable biosphere consciousness and drive to protect nature and the environment, to guard our habitat for future generations as well as for ourselves.

LpS/TiL 2020 will explore how and with what the light sector, including Photonics, can contribute. The new world for architects is dominated by smart retro-fit programmes and data-driven optimization.  The new world for manufacturers is designing for a circular economy including interoperability and standardization. Eminent speakers from these fields will come together to help share perspectives and understand the necessary collaborations and obstacles ahead.

The major application areas are Human Centric Lighting, Automotive Lighting, Horticultural Lighting, and UV/IR Applications, all networked systems. Miniaturization is currently making a quantum leap with Extreme UltraViolet Light (EUV), in which future semiconductor structures can be reduced by factors.  High-energy pulsed lasers also open up completely new application possibilities.

Light, in all its technological and application diversity, holds enormous opportunities and potential. In combination with the development of sustainable systems, we can make a major positive contribution to the future.


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