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TelCom Semiconductor Announces the New TC4949 LDO Regulator

January 16, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

TelCom Semiconductor Inc. (Mountain View, CA) recently announced the TC4949, a very low power bipolar LDO regulator. The company claims the LDO is designed for battery-powered equipment where power consumption is a critical parameter.

According to TelCom, the TC4949 features a micro-power quiescent current while providing up to 100mA output currents. Additional functions include power-on reset, input voltage sense, thermal shutdown and short-circuit protection.

"The TC4949 is ideally suited for low-power, battery-operated applications," said Don Ashley, advanced product marketing manager at TelCom. "The bipolar design of the parts allows operation at higher dc input voltages, while providing excellent regulation compared to CMOS LDO designs. These devices complement the broad range of LDOs that TelCom currently offers."

The TC4949 is offered in eight-pin PDIP and SOIC packages. In quantities of 1,000, pricing for the TC4949 starts at $0.74 each.