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Swell Fuel Introducing Ocean Energy Converters

May 11, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Swell Fuel, based in Houston, Texas, has announced the additional licensing of its Lever Operating Pivoting Float (LOPF) to several companies for testing purposes. With over 50 completed prototypes, Swell Fuel offers small ocean wave energy converters that can be linked together to provide a significant source of electricity for off-grid resorts, oil rigs and even small coastal towns. The company’s Lever Operated Pivoting Float is patented in the US and pending in multiple countries.

"Right now, our business model is focused on potential customers that need small-scale devices," said Chris Olson, inventor and founder of Swell Fuel. "As our products are tested and larger units are needed, we’ll be able to scale up to meet demand."

Most recently, Swell Fuel has licensed its Lever Operating Pivoting Float to Mars Symbioscience for testing purposes at a plant in Indonesia. If testing is successful by the Mars Corp. subsidiary, it could result in further demand for ocean energy units. Additionally, Samkun Powertec, a South Korean company, has recently licensed a 1000W unit for testing at oil rig platforms and a power company in El Salvador is currently in the middle of a two-year testing program.

Olson notes that demand for the units has been strong and Swell Fuel is perfecting the technology as it moves forward, as evidenced in the latest "Trojan Horse" prototype. "These units are extremely efficient and to our knowledge, there are no other companies providing small-scale ocean energy converters," he noted.

Swell Fuel is also promoting its units for coral reef restoration projects for companies needing to generate electricity for a process that creates new coral reefs using low voltage electricity.

As a privately funded company, Olson says that Swell Fuel is in excellent position to provide its ocean energy converters to companies and organizations on a much larger scale. "We have not tied our hands with government funding or borrowed money," he notes. "And we expect significant growth and progress in the coming months."