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Supercap Backup Power Supply with Active Cell Balancing – Reference Design

November 04, 2019 by Paul Shepard

The PMP30693 reference design from Texas Instruments automatically provides a back-up voltage during a power interruption. It manages the charging of super capacitors and provides reverse blocking protection.

The maximum super capacitor charging current and voltage can be adjusted. When the input voltage fails a buck-boost converter (TPS63802) takes over and generates a constant backup voltage.

The super capacitor capacitance and voltage define the energy which is available for the backup. The PMP30693 provides a stable backup output of 3.7V at 300mA for more than 100 seconds until the output voltage drops.


  • Seamless transition between mains power and back-up operation
  • Active cell balancing
  • Adjustable input current limit
  • Complete tested design with available design files and test report