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Spark Connected Boosts VR/AR and Gaming with New Wireless Charging Solution

April 07, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Spark Connected today announced a proprietary high-performance resonant wireless charging solution, named The Griffin designed and engineered for VR/AR and Gaming applications.

From entertainment, to education, to industrial and robotic applications, Virtual and Augmented Reality have become mainstream technologies for advanced user interfaces. The Griffin, comprising both a wireless power transmitter and companion receiver, provides a complete system that can integrate into an end-product resulting in an unparalleled user charging experience.

"One of the exciting advantages of The Griffin platform from a technical perspective is its ability to charge almost any form factor using custom antennas. In the VR and gaming space, this is critical in solving many of our customers' challenges. The resonant technology in The Griffin not only provides a flexible platform for charging today's VR headsets, but also provides a way to charge multiple handheld controllers as well,” said Emanuel Stingu, Chief Technology Officer at Spark Connected..

“So while our customers bring new innovations to the VR headset which provide freedom of movement that challenges the 5 senses, we believe that freedom of movement should apply to charging devices in the real world as well," Stingu concluded.

Key Features of the Spark Connected Griffin Wireless Power Solution:

  • Complete Transmitter and Receiver Wireless Power System
  • Supports Wirelessly Charging One-to-one and Multiple-devices
  • Unparalleled User Experience in Charging