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Small eGaN FET has Low Price for HF Switching

August 12, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) announces the EPC2039 power transistor, a high power density enhancement-mode gallium nitride (eGaN®) device. The EPC2039 is an extremely small, 1.82mm2, 80VDS, 6.8A power transistor with a maximum RDS(on) of 22 milliohms with 5V applied to the gate. This GaN power transistor delivers high performance in power conversion systems due to its high switching capabilities in a very small package.

The EPC2039 has many uses but is primarily designed for high frequency (HF) power conversion applications, such as synchronous rectification, Class-D audio, high voltage buck converters, wireless charging, and pulsed power (LiDAR) applications. Emerging LiDAR applications include driverless vehicles and augmented reality.

Steve Colino, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing, points out that, “Where high power density at a low cost is needed, this is the leading edge transistor to be considered. It enables designers to increase the output power of their designs without increasing the space needed to do it.” Pricing for the EPC2039 power transistors at 1K units is $0.78 each.