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Server Technology Launches Smart, 3-Phase, 30A Cabinet Power Distribution Unit

July 09, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Server Technology announced the availability of the CS-27VY mixed-outlet Cabinet Power Distribution Unit (CDU) with (6) NEMA 5-20R 120V outlets and (21) IEC C13 208V outlets. This 3-Phase, 208V, 30A Smart CDU delivers 10.8kW of power to the rack and provides reliable power distribution combined with local and network power monitoring and environmental monitoring via IP. Use the network interface to view power, temperature and humidity levels via Web browser, or receive SNMP-based alarms and email alerts when conditions exceed defined thresholds.

The three local current monitors, positioned next to the network ports atop the front panel of the CDU, can easily be inverted via the web GUI or serial interface to satisfy overhead or floor fed power. These LED monitors provide True Digital RMS current monitoring for onsite verification of the current draw (in Amps) on each branch circuit and are critical for preventing overloads in high-density computing environments. Local and remote current meters for each phase also make it easy to balance the load and ensure efficient operation when distributing power from 3-Phase circuits. Utilizing circuit breakers, this product meets the UL 60950-1 requirement for branch circuit protection.

The mixed-outlets on the CS-27VY deliver multiple output voltages, depending on outlet type, to the IT devices located within the rack. This makes it the perfect CDU for racks with legacy equipment, satisfying both 120 and 208V powered devices. This is a high-density solution, perfect for blade servers or other high-density server applications. Combined with a link unit, there is enough power to provide for redundancy or room-for-future expansion as new devices are added to the rack. Providing the proper amount of power during the initial rack configuration reduces the number of cables under the floor blocking airflow, saves poles at the breaker panel, saves the cost and time of adding additional whips later and reduces the number of PDUs required within the rack itself.

This 3-Phase Wye CDU delivers both 120V and 208-240V at 30A. Along with the original 27 outlets on the CDU, an expansion CDU can be linked to the master. Both master and expansion, along with two optional temperature and humidity probes, can be controlled via a single IP address.

The Smart product line allows for network monitoring of the CDU using either the serial interface, internal web interface or the Sentry Power Manager (SPM) Software System. Each Smart CDU that Server Technology produces, including this mixed-outlet model, supports two external ten-foot probes used to monitor both temperature and humidity. Receive SNMP or email-based alerts when power or environmental conditions are exceeded.