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ROHM Electronics Announces White LED Driver For Automotive Display Backlighting Applications

October 23, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

ROHM Electronics announced the availability of the BD8113EFV-E2, a white LED driver IC designed to provide constant current drive for white LED backlights in medium- to large-format automotive TFT-LCD displays. This dual-channel driver is capable of up to 150mA constant current per channel with current-mode buck/boost dc-dc control, ensuring constant display brightness, even with unstable battery input voltages over the entire automotive temperature range.

The buck/boost configuration also frees up the restriction on the number of LEDs that can be connected in series. Additional features include a maximum input voltage of 36V (supply voltage range: 5 to 30V) and a wide operating temperature range (-40 to 105°C).

The BD8113EFV-E2 is offered in a Pb-free HTSSOP-B24 (heat-sink TSSOP) package. Built-in protection functions include undervoltage lockout (UVLO), overvoltage protection (OVP), thermal shutdown (TSD), over current protection (OCP) and short-circuit protection (SCP). Inputs are provided for brightness modulation via PWM or VDAC control.

"LEDs perform much better under cold temperatures than CCFLs, making them ideal for automotive systems such as instrument clusters, infotainment displays, and multifunction display systems that incorporate multiple functions like radio, navigation and HVAC," said Youichi Kajiwara, ROHM’s Automotive Driver Team Manager. "The new BD8113EFV-E2 driver is design-optimized for these demanding automotive applications."

The company claims that the BD8113EFV-E2, when combined with ROHM’s SMLK15W high heat dissipation white LEDs, provide the optimal solution for medium- to large-sized automotive TFT LCD applications.

Pricing is US$ 5.00 (Sample Quantities) with a delivery of 10-12 weeks ARO.