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ROAL Launches New Series of AC-DC Power Supplies

June 11, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

ROAL Electronics launched the SFA160 series – the first in a series of what are described as high reliability, high efficiency, small form factor and high power density ac-dc power supplies.

Offering 160W of regulated dc power from in an industry standard 2 x 4 x 1" open-frame footprint, the SFA160 series is said to consume 46% less space in a system, enabling designers to offer smaller systems, or to integrate more advanced features into their system without compromising on system size. By converting energy at >90% efficiency, the SFA160 generates less heat, which is said to facilitate higher reliability and space saving designs.

The SFA160 series is available in four different high power output voltages at 5, 12V, 24 or 48V, and is equipped with an auxiliary low power 12V output, which can be used as the supply voltage for an external fan.

The SFA160 has been tailored for high reliability and thermally demanding OEM applications such as networking, communications, video, broadcast, test and industrial electronics.

The SFA160 is priced at $85 in volumes of 100 pieces.