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RECOM Introduces Fan-less 1,000W AC/DC Power Supplies

April 16, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

The two single output units provide adjustable 24- or 48-volt outputs and work from inputs ranging over 85- to 264-VAC

The two members of the RACM1200-V Series employ baseplate cooling and they achieve power efficiencies of up to 95% at loads of 40% to 60%. Efficiency doesn’t dip below 90% even at 15% load.


The RACM1200-V series. Image courtesy of RECOM
The RACM1200-V series. Image courtesy of RECOM


Output Voltages

The RACM1200-V series consists of the RACM1200-24SAV/ENC and the RAC1200-48SAV/ENC, which are factory set to deliver 24 and 48 volt outputs, respectively. The RACM1200-24SAV/ENC is adjustable up to 28 VDC and can provide up to 50 amps, while the companion RAC1200-48SAV/ENC can be easily tweaked up to 56 VDC, and it delivers up to 25 amps. Both devices can deliver 1200 watts for up to 10 seconds

The units also produce a VSB, or standby voltage, of 5 VDC at 1 amp. A 12 volt output is available to power a possible system fan. If an external fan is employed to provide forced airflow of 2.5m/second and an input voltage of 172 VAC or over is provided, the 1200 watt output can be maintained continuously.

No load power consumption is 2 watts. When connected to the mains and remotely turned off, the unit draws 1 watt.


Electrical Characteristics

Maximum inrush current, with a 230 VAC input @25℃, is 25 amps

Startup times:

  • 5 volt standby: 900 ms (max)
  • 12 volt fan: 750 ms (typ)
  • Main output: 750 ms (typ)

Hold-up time, at 800 watts, is is a minimum of 20 ms.

Output ripple and noise for all three outputs, for a 20 MHz bandwidth, is 1% of nominal output.


Isolation and Medical Notes

Members of the series offer two means of protection (2MOPP). They feature Medical Device Classifications and are “suitable for Type BF rated medical applications.” 

The isolations cited below are for 1 minutes duration:

  • Input to output: 4K VAC
  • Input and output to Chassis: 1.5K VAC
  • 5 volt output to main output or chassis (conditional): 1.5K VAC
  • Earth leakage current: 300µA normal conditions (NC) and 1 ma single fault (SFC)
  • Patent leakage: 100µA NC, 500µA SFC



Both units feature:

  • Over current protection (OCP)
  • Over temperature protection (OTP)
  • Over voltage protection (OVP)
  • Short circuit protection (SCP)



Both members of the series can be mounted horizontally, upside down or on their sides. They employ a baseplate to conduct heat away from the unit. If it is deemed that a fan is necessary, the power supplies should fan cooled from their AC sides.


Physical Considerations

  • Both Power supplies operate over a temperature range of -40 to +80℃
  • The units are available in an enclosed 228 x 96.2 x 40 mm package, with a typical weight of 1000 grams


Regulatory and Safety Considerations

Members of the series adhere to a large set of regulatory and safety standards, detailed in the series datasheet. These include:

  • CB
  • CE
  • EN 55024
  • EN 55032
  • EN 60601-1
  • EN 60601-1-2
  • EN 62368-1
  • UL 60601-1 


Environmental Standards

  • RoHS 2+ (10/10)