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Programmable PMIC with 4 Buck Switching and 3 LDO Linear Regulators Plus I2C

March 25, 2020 by Paul Shepard

The LT®3380 from Analog Devices is a complete power management IC (PMIC) solution for advanced portable application processor-based systems. The device contains four synchronous step-down dc-dc converters for core, memory, I/O, and system onchip (SoC) rails and three 300mA LDO regulators for low noise analog supplies.

An I2C serial port may be used to control regulator enables, power-down sequencing, output voltage levels, dynamic voltage scaling, operating modes, and status reporting. Typical applications are expected to include, automotive communications and industrial systems, as well as general-purpose multi-rail power supplies.

Regulator start-up is sequenced by connecting outputs to enable pins in the desired order or via the I2C port. The LT3380 outputs may be sequenced off in one of four time slots selected using I2C command registers.

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The device is available in a 40-lead 6mm × 6mm QFN with wettable flanks for optical inspection.

Typical application (click on schematic to enlarge)

Summary of Features

  • Quad I2C Adjustable High Efficiency Step-Down DC-DC Converters: 2.5A, 2.5A, 1.5A, 1.5A
  • Three 300mA LDO Regulators (Two Adjustable)
  • Independent Enable Pin-Strap or I2C Sequencing
  • Programmable Autonomous Power-Down Control
  • Warnings and Faults
  • IRQ Pin and IRQ Status Register
  • Power Good Pin and Status Register
  • Up to 150°C TJ Operation (LT3380H)
  • Dynamic Voltage Scaling
  • Selectable 2.25MHz or 1.12MHz Switching Frequency
  • 12µA Standby Current
  • Side Wettable 40-Lead 6mm × 6mm QFN Package