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PREMO Presents New High Power Choke For Automotive Applications

June 16, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

PREMO announced its new range of power inductors based on the PQ20 format (23 x 25 x 19mm) – a high energy storage choke and filter specially designed for the automotive market. Using flat wire in the winding is said to assure the maximum capability of power management with the minimum dc resistance (less than 1.6mΩ).

The choke has a wide range of inductances from 1.5 up to 33µH supporting handing up to 62A. The product is placed in a plastic base and their output wires are used as SMD pins. Two more pines are included to improve vibration tests.

Among the main applications for which the device is targeted: battery control units; dc-dc converters and inverters; engine control units (ECUs); starter generators; transmision control units; and water pumps. It can also be used as input/output filters in boost or buck converters, and differential filters, etc.