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Power Analog Microelectronics Introduces 0.9V LDO to Support 90nm Technology Platforms

August 28, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Power Analog Microelectronics Inc. (PAM) announced the introduction of PAM3111 – an ultra-low output voltage (0.9V) Low Drop Out linear regulator that support CPU and DSP based on 90nm technology.

The PAM3111 works with a wide range of output voltages, from as low as 0.9 up to 2.5V, with optional currents of 1.5 or 3A. Most emerging and new processors that are based on 90nm technology require ultra low voltages to operate. Current LDO solutions support down to 1.2V for most of the processors using 0.13um technology. The low voltage yet high current PAM3111 is a suitable solution to address many applications, such as serial-ATA, and computers. Other features include 300mV dropout at 3A output, less than 150uA q-current, and less than 350uA ground current at full load. PAM3111 comes with over temperature protection and short circuit protection.

PAM also introduced three other LDOs in the PAM31xx series that include the PAM3101, a 300mA single LDO regulator; PAM3102, a dual 150mA LDO regulator; and PAM3103, an adjustable LDO. These high performance LDOs offer fast transient response and good PSRR while consuming minimum current as well as the added features of over current protection, thermal shutdown, built-in chip enable, and auto discharge circuitry.

Designed for optimal performance in small 6-pin SOT-23, these LDOs are suitable for battery-operated applications, such as camera module for cell phone, bluetooth, portable TV, walkie-talkie, GPS navigation, and PMP. These products are now in volume production.

"By offering the ultra-low voltage LDO that can accommodate output voltages as low as 0.9V and lowest quiescent current in the industry, Power Analog Microelectronics takes the leading position to support the new applications that utilize 90nanometer technology in the next generation CPU and DSP platforms," said Johnston Chen, President and CEO of PAM. "In additions to design innovation, PAM strides to provide the most cost-effective solution to the mass markets with the best of its class performance."