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PDI Debuts Branch Circuit Monitoring System for European Data Centers

May 02, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

Power Distribution, Inc. (PDI) unveiled a new version of its WaveStar™ Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) for IEC Distribution Panels. The new innovations are designed to help optimize power distribution in Europe’s most complex data centers with tailored monitoring and management solutions.

"We have transformed our award-winning power distribution solutions that have been so successful in the U.S., to help Europe’s infrastructure and facilities operators proactively collect, monitor and manage power consumption at the individual final circuit level," said Mathew George, European Sales Director for PDI.

The BCMS solution monitors power as an on-site system or via remote access from the Internet. Each module monitors and provides data for up to 72 branch breakers. In addition, the product delivers premier scalability – allowing distribution panels to be wired in a "daisy chain" or "star" network. Through PDI’s WaveStar Hub system, managers can now view all downstream BCMS devices, allowing for unified management of the entire distribution center.

BCMS enables the following functionality and benefits: cost-effectively monitors up to 72 circuits per BCMS kit; monitors voltage, current frequency and kilowatt hours per circuit; monitors phase loss per panel board; leverages user-definable set point alarms for over and under current per circuit; and remotely monitors and manages individual server loads.

BCMS is able to fit any manufacturers’ panel board configuration and can also be retrofitted into any existing data center installation.