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New SolarMax MT2 Inverters Optimized for Decentralized Large-scale Solar Plants

March 01, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Sputnik Engineering AG (SolarMax) announced its MT series with three further devices in the output range of 10-15kW. The new MT2 string inverters are available from April 2012 and are suitable both for plants over 10kW output and specifically for decentralized large-scale systems.

On the basis of their high levels of efficiency and flexibility, the MT series inverters rate amongst the most effective of SolarMax products. With the new MT2 inverters SolarMax continues this success story. From April the MT series string inverter range will include five models: the new devices 10MT2, 13MT2, and 15MT2 with two MPP trackers, as well as the existing models 13MT and 15MT, now sold under the names 13MT3 and 15MT3 (three MPP trackers).

"For decentralized commercial, industrial, and agricultural large-scale solar plants with an homogeneous solar generator, two trackers are mostly already sufficient for ideal yields. Therefore, we have removed the third tracker and increased the input current per tracker with the new MT2 inverters," said Olaf Geistlinger, Product Manager for the SolarMax string inverters. "This way, the devices are adapted even better to the requirements of this target application and can also offer an extraordinary price-performance ratio."

Like all SolarMax products, the MT2 models are reliable Swiss quality inverters. With efficiencies of up to 98% they maximise – like all MT devices – the yields of any facility. The three-phase devices are equipped with a maximum of two string connections per tracker. This way string fusing should not be a requirement. With a higher input current of 18A per tracker, the MT2 inverters are particularly advantageous for high efficiency modules. The light and compact design, as well as the easily accessible connections allow for quick and simple installation.

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