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New Impeller Tech Enables Ultra-Thin Blowers

August 19, 2019 by Paul Shepard

JARO Thermal's new, uniquely slim (yet powerful), hydro-dynamic bearing blower is perfect for ultra-thin cooling applications. This product has incredibly low power consumption, and a long life of (50000hrs/40C).

With ultra-thin, wind-resistant blades, JARO's new Slim-Line blower can slice through the air in almost complete silence, with quiet sound quality (as low as 21.2 dB(A)).

The Slim-Line's impeller utilizes a high-grade LCP (engineering plastic mold), for high-precision, ultra-thin blades.

Ultra-thin, wind-resistant blades.

The first in a series of three upcoming dc models, the new JHB05505 comes with a three-phase sensor-less motor, and a multi-blade, high-performance impeller design. The new (55 X 50 X 5.25 mm) 5Vdc directional blower is ultra slim (5.25mm). Options include PWM & TACH. All blowers are IP55 rated.

The JHB05505 consumes 1W of power and provides 1.27 CFM of airflow at a rated speed of 3100 RPM. Static air pressure is rated at 3.79mmH2O and noise level is 21.2dB(A).