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Multi-Device Calibrator for International Standards

February 25, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Fluke Calibration announced the 5322A Electrical Tester Calibrator. The 5322A Electrical Tester Calibrator is a multi-device calibrator built to expedite compliance with exacting international standards. These standards include the United Kingdom's BS7671 17th Edition, IEC/EN Standards, Australia and New Zealand's AS/NZS 3000, and Chinese verification/calibration regulations for various electrical testers.

The 5322A combines many functions into a single instrument, replacing discrete resistors, decade boxes, and other custom solutions often used to calibrate electrical testers. According to Fluke, this single-box solution speeds and simplifies calibration because users only need to learn, operate, and maintain one calibrator rather than multiple instruments. Moreover, while it is difficult to automate multiple instruments, the 5322A can be automated with Fluke Calibration MET/CAL® Calibration Management Software in 5320A emulation mode—further increasing speed and throughput.

The 5322A can complete a broad spectrum of electrical safety tester workloads. From older hand-cranked insulation testers to modern insulation resistance testers, RCD testers, hipot testers, earth group resistances testers, groound bond testers, loop/line impedance testers, portable appliance testers (PATs), and multi-function installation electrical safety analyzers, the 5322A Electrical Safety Tester Calibrator has the calibration task covered.

Multiple model configurations allow the user to select the features best suited to the workload. The base 5322A model offers 1.5kV high resistance sourcing. The 5322A/5 offers 5kV high voltage resistor sourcing. Either model is also available with active-loop compensation and a 600V precision ac-dc output source for calibrating devices under test with metering capabilities, or it can come with a characterized 40kV probe accessory for precision measurement of very high voltages to 0.5% accuracy.

The context-sensitive user interface and help files are available in English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, and Russian languages. A large, full-color display lets the user easily read the primary sourced or measured values. The design offers an active terminal display, on-screen graphical help guide, outward jog wheel, numeric keyboard, and spec readout.

Key features and benefits

  • Continuously variable high-voltage resistance outputs source high-ohms, high voltage resistors to enable calibration of insulation resistance testers/megohmmeters up to 5kV. It lets the user set any resistance value to match the device under test (DUT) requirement and adjust the 5322A output to a nominal value, which assists in calibrating older-style, hand-cranked testers.
  • Active Loop Compensation makes it easier to calibrate the loop/line impedance function of an installation tester by canceling residual line impedance during calibrations.
  • 600V source (Vlc option) allows calibration of ac voltage measurements on workloads with measurement capabilities. This feature is also useful for powering many types of PAT testers.
  • 4-wire low resistance sources enable precision low-current measurements and high-current ground bond measurements, providing accuracy for testing newer 4-wire testers.
  • Optional 5322A-LOAD 5kV high-voltage load resistors include paralleling capability for precision hipot testing.
  • RCD simulation enables testing of installation and PAT testers with excellent time and current level accuracy. 5322A trip times provide better than 4:1 test uncertainty ratios with 1 % trip current uncertainty.
  • Ripple coefficient and THD measurements display hipot testers' signal purity measurements to 5 kV as required by many regulations.
  • Multiple models give you the flexibility to select the capabilities best suited to your workload and budget.
  • MET/CAL software compatibility automates the 5322A in 5320A emulation mode for improved throughput and greater consistency.


The 5322A calibrates equipment, including:

  • Hipot testers
  • Insulation resistance testers (megohm-meters) including older analog testers
  • Loop/line impedance testers
  • Continuity testers
  • Earth resistance testers
  • Ground bond testers
  • Leakage current testers
  • Circuit breaker testers (RCD/GFCI)
  • Multifunction installation testers
  • Portable appliance testers (PATs)

The 5322A Electrical Tester Calibrator calibrates your electrical safety tester workload to comply with international standards such as:

United Kingdom 17th Edition

  • BS 7671 17th Edition - Requirements for Electrical Installations, IET Wiring Regulations

European IEC/EN standards

  • IEC/EN 60364 Series, Electrical Installations of Buildings
  • EN 50191, Electrical Safety Testing Standard for the Erection and Operation of Electrical Test Equipment
  • EN 61557, Electrical Safety in Low Voltage Distribution Systems Up to 1 000 V ac and 1 500 V dc
  • EN 60990, Methods of Measurement of Touch Current and Protective Conductor Current

Australian and New Zealand AS/NZS 3000

  • AS/NZS 3000, Electrical Installations Wiring Rules

Chinese verification/calibration regulations

  • JJG 622-1997 Insulation Resistance Meter 1997
  • JJG 1005-2005 Electrical Insulation Resistance Meter 2005
  • JJG 366-2004 Earth Resistance Meter 2004
  • JJG 984-2004 Ground Bond Resistance Tester 2004
  • JJG 843-2007 Leakage Current Tester 2007
  • JJG 795-2016 Hipot Tester 2016
  • JJF 1283-2011 RCD Tester 2011