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MOSFET with High ESD Protection to Drive Headlight LEDs

April 02, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has released a dual MOSFET, the SSM6N813R, with high ESD protection positioned for use in automotive applications, including as a driver IC for headlight LEDs, which require a high withstand voltage and a small footprint. Mass production shipments begin in April.

A maximum drain-source voltage (VDSS) of 100V ensures that SSM6N813R is suitable for headlight applications requiring multiple LEDs—a capability supported by high ESD immunity. These dual N-channel MOSFETs are fabricated using Toshiba’s U-MOSVIII-H process technology.

Fabricated with the latest Gen-8 trench MOS process, these devices will help improve the efficiency of LED driver applications. Features include low drain-source on-resistance, low leakage current, and high avalanche ruggedness. U-MOSVIII-H now includes these automotive-qualified MOSFETs in a small package.

These 3.5A devices have an RDS(on) of 112mΩ  with VGS = 10V and 154mΩ with VGS = 4.5V. The low RDS(on) results from the  combination of trench process and packaging technologies. The input capacitance (Ciss) is 242pF.

Fabricated using the latest process and housed in a TSOP6F package (2.9mm×2.8mm; t=0.8mm), SSM6N813R has an allowable power dissipation of 1.5W and low on-resistance. In addition, the footprint of the TSOP6F package is 70% smaller than that of an SOP8 package.