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MORNSUN Announces Enclosed Switching Power Supply Series LMF100-20Bxx with Active PFC

November 01, 2019 by MORNSUN

This article highlights MORNSUN LMF100-20Bxx enclosed switching power supply series with active PFC with universal input voltage range of 85-264Vac.

MORNSUN released a new enclosed switching power supply series LMF100-20Bxx with active PFC(Power factor correction). The LMF100-20Bxx series features universal input voltage range of 85-264Vac, accepts AC or DC input and the PF(Power factor) is up to 0.98. In addition, its emissions meets CISPR32 CLASS B without extra components. The new series also meets IEC/EN/UL62368, EN60335, GB4943 safety standards. Protections of output short circuit, over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature are included. MTBF is more than 300,000 h and the dimension is 10% smaller than conventional products, which make this series ideal for industrial, civil, smart home, smart building applications.



Widely used in applications of industrial automation machinery, industrial control system, mechanical and electrical equipment, instrumentation, intelligent building, household appliance, etc.

Typical application: Numerical control machine tools


Mornsun LMF10020Bxx Series



  • Universal 85 - 264V AC or 120 - 373VDC Input voltage
  • Accepts AC or DC input (dual-use of same terminal)
  • Compact size, dimension is 10% smaller than conventional products
  • High reliability: MTBF>300K hrs
  • Operating temperature range -30°C ~ +70°C
  • Built-in active PFC function(up to 0.98PF)
  • High I/O isolation test voltage up to 4000VAC
  • Output short circuit, over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature protection(Built-in constant current limiting circuit)
  • Remote ON-OFF control
  • Safety according to IEC/EN/UL62368, EN60335, GB4943 (CE/CCC pending)
  • Emissions meets CISPR32/EN55032 CLASS B without extra components
  • Over-voltage class Ⅲ (designed to meet EN61558)
  • Withstand 300VAC surge input for 5s
  • 3 years warranty
  • Conformal coating is acceptable, terminal cover is optional.




Product Number

Certification Part No.



Nominal Output
Voltage and
Output Voltage
Capacitive Load
CE/CCC/(Pending) LMF100-20B05 100 5V/20A 4.75-5.5 86 5000
LMF100-20B12 102 12V/8.5A 11.4-13.2 86 5000
LMF100-20B15 100.5 15V/6.7A 14.3-16.5 87 5000
LMF100-20B24 100.8 24V/4.2A 22.8-26.4 87 4200
LMF100-20B48 100.8 48V/2.1A 45.6-52.8 88 2200
Note: Suffix “C “ is for terminal with protective cover and suffix “Q” is for conformal coating.



MORNSUN, a national high-tech enterprise headquartered in China, has grown into a leading vertical industrial power supply manufacturer.

Keeping the spirit of being forerunner, MORNSUN specializes in magnetic isolation technology and product research and application, and manufactures high-quality products include AC/DC converter, DC/DC converter, adapter, isolation transmitter, IGBT driver and LED driver, etc. most of which got UL, CE, CSA, CB and DoE Level VI certification.

As an IPR Demonstration Enterprises in Guangdong, MORNSUN is one of few power supply manufactures that have its own independent Intellectual Property Rights of integrated circuit, innovative transformer structure, assembly system and appearance design. Over the past 20 years, MORNSUN applied 470+ patents for inventions.   

Guided by the service principle of “trust worthy”, MORNSUN established its subsidiaries in America and Germany, expanded its distribution network in 40+ countries and operated sample inventory in Germany, North America, India, Japan and others to offer the best service to local clients in those locations.

As part of society, MORNSUN focuses on teamwork and persistent hard work, and it’s deeply devoted to her role as a responsible corporate citizen around the world. Based on it, MORNSUN holds the core value of “creating value for her employees, clients, shareholders and developing our business to repay the society” and takes it as her mission to make contribution to the development of society and progress of the humankind by pursuing excellence unremittingly.

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