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Modular Thermoelectric Waste Heat to Power Generation

June 25, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Alphabet Energy, Inc. today announced the availability of the Alphabet Energy PowerModule™ as a standalone product. Now, any energy-intensive industry including automotive, commercial trucking, industrial manufacturing, defense, oil and gas, and mining can custom design solutions to fit their unique needs and convert exhaust heat into valuable electricity. The Alphabet Energy PowerModule™ is a solid-state, liquid-cooled electrical generator that converts exhaust heat into electricity using Alphabet Energy's proprietary PowerBlocks™ thermoelectric materials.

Thoroughly tested in Alphabet Energy’s first product, the E1™ Thermoelectric Generator (there are 32 PowerModules in an E1™), the PowerModule™ directly accepts exhaust heat with a temperature ranging from 350 600 degrees C and transforms it into dc electricity, delivering up to 850 Watts of power.

As the E1â„¢ continues to prove valuable to customers in the oil and gas, mining and defense industries as they generate reliable remote power while also reducing fuel consumption, operating costs and carbon emissions, the PowerModuleâ„¢ has gained market traction on its own. Alone, the PowerModuleâ„¢ can be used on a passenger vehicle to reduce alternator loads and improve fuel efficiency, or scaled in multiples to increase energy efficiency for industrial furnaces at a steel manufacturing plant.

Also announced today, Borla®, the pioneer and leading manufacturer of stainless-steel performance exhaust systems, and Alphabet Energy will jointly develop and commercialize a next-generation-exhaust system incorporating PowerModules™, with the goal of delivering significant fuel savings for commercial fleet truck fleets.

“It has long been our goal to be known as the ‘Intel Inside,’ or in our case, the ‘Alphabet Inside’ of waste heat recovery,” said Dr. Matthew Scullin, founder and CEO, Alphabet Energy. “The scalable nature of the PowerModule enables both energy and design efficiency, bringing the benefits of waste heat recovery to even more markets. Now, almost any owner of exhaust heat can generate valuable electricity.”