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MJD Bipolar Transistors up to 8A Widen Nexperia’s Power Portfolio

October 16, 2019 by Nexperia

This article features Nexperia MJD series as a high quality, high reliability automotive, and industrial-qualified MJD 3A and 8A power bipolar transistors.

Nexperia, the expert in discrete and MOSFET components and analog & logic ICs, today announced new high quality, high reliability automotive (AEC-Q101-qualified) and consumer/industrial-qualified MJD 3 A and 8 A power bipolar transistors. The product family includes eight parts in both 80 V and 100 V NPN and PNP versions.

These well-known devices in industry-standard footprint now complement Nexperia’s existing portfolio of high-performance bipolar power transistors and further expand the company’s total power bipolar discrete offering. Applications include LED automotive lighting; backlight dimming in LCD displays; linear voltage regulators; relay replacement; motor drives; laser printers and MOSFET drivers.

Nexperia Product Manager, Frank Matschullat, comments: “Nexperia is respected as a high volume, high-quality supplier with a broad customer base. Widening our bipolar transistor portfolio with these higher current MJD devices enables design engineers to benefit from the recognized Nexperia performance advantages. This supports the industry’s desire to add efficiency to the supply chain and focus on a few premium logistics suppliers such as Nexperia.”

More information on the new MJD power bipolar transistors including product specs and datasheets is available at MJD Series


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