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Mersen Takes Liquid Cooling to the Extreme

July 14, 2021 by Hailey Stewart

High cooling capacity with minimal pressure drop is a convincing feature of the new IsoMAXX cold plates from Mersen.

The cold plates meet the high demands of modern power electronics and have been specially developed for the latest SiC, GaN, or IGBT power modules.

Modern converters, transport systems, electric vehicles, and alternative energy generators benefit from the increasingly efficient wide bandgap electronics, which are optimized for operation at higher switching frequencies and temperatures and feature a much more compact design. Conventional heat sinks cannot meet these high cooling requirements.

Image courtesy of PresseBox

Designed for Low-pressure Drop

That is why Mersen developed IsoMAXX – a revolutionary vacuum brazed cold plate with unique features: The average thermal resistance (Rth) is 6 °C/kW. And at ~600 mbar, the pressure drop is substantially lower than that of all previous models. IsoMAXX cold plates ensure an optimal temperature range for power electronics, in which all single chips and modules on the cold plate remain at the same temperature. IsoMAXX helps development engineers to design solutions with increased efficiency and a minimal footprint: No minimum clearance is required between modules, which allows versatile integration regardless of the number of modules needed for the particular application.



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